Action ALERT!!

Keep our Government Efficient. Stop the PAGE Act.

Just hours after swearing in, members of Congress are trying to make life hard for government workers like us.

Congress is going to introduce the Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency Act. Here’s what this means for you.

The Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency (PAGE) Act is a new set of civil service reforms that would create at-will employment status for new federal employees, prohibit union activity during the work day, make it easier for managers to cut the salary of executive service members by putting them back on the General Schedule pay scale, and other penalties for government workers.

In short, this bill would make it easier for managers to fire and cut pay for workers like us — and it would make it harder for our union to fight those cuts and terminations.

We know better than anyone that government is efficient when workers like us are on the job and serving our communities. So please take 2 minutes and write to your Representative to tell them: do NOT cosponsor or support the PAGE Act.

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