“Administrative Oversight” Leaves PAW Agents Holding the Bag

PAIC Cumbow

Thanks to an “Administrative Oversight” by PAIC Jay P. Cumbow and his top notch management team, in November 2013 numerous PAW agents received an “Overpayment” notice from the National Finance Center (NFC), when PAW Management didn’t submit the appropriate paperwork to Blaine Sector, identifying those agents who’s AUO percentage had changed.  Overpayment notices ranged from $400.00 to $1,500.00, and to make matters even better they wanted to begin  the collection during Pay Period 26.

The Union acted immediately and developed a sworn statement that agents could use to request a waiver from the NFC.  After 6 months of stalling, Pamela A. Miller from the NFC finally responded by saying, the following:

  •  “Due to an administrative oversight, the action to change this was not entered into the Time and Attendance system in a timely manner….

So in other words…..Management didn’t their job????

  • Employees in your situation should know their correct AUO percentage…..”

PAW Agents are unable to know what their AUO percentage is, because the AUO percentage is not being tracked by PAW Management.
According to one supervisor “sector is tracking AUO”.  When asked “who at sector is tracking AUO”, this same supervisor stated “I’m
not sure, I’ll have to get back to you”, which of course he never did.

  •  “AUO appears as a separate line item on the earnings statement, and when you noticed that you continued to receive the same amount for an additional 6 pay periods after the adjustment occurred, you should have recognized the error

The Union is completely baffled by the response.  We have never been provided the “AUO calculation”, and if we are not aware of what our AUO percentage is, how are we supposed to calculate our AUO.

  • Therefore, the facts, as they relate to your case, do not allow me to grant your request (for a waiver)

The Union will continue working with its attorney to resolve this issue.

The great news is that PAIC Cumbow has assured the bargaining members that “measures” have been put in place to make sure that this type of issue doesn’t happen again.  However, the Union has learned that a second “Administrative Oversight” has occurred and the PAW Agents can expect to see more NFC Overpayment letters.

The Union is hoping that Chief Harris or someone on his staff, after reading this article, can provide the PAW Agents with some sort of explanation.  At this point, whatever “measures” PAW management has put in place, clearly isn’t working.



  1. Brandon

    there is a function within BPETS to track your own AUO but it requires you to actually click the submit button on the T&A page in addition to the save button. Then you print out an AUO report in a .pdf format. I think there are about 4 agents at BLH that do this regularly, and two of them are the management. I realize this comment doesn’t address the current PAW situation. Unfortunately, I don’t think anything will. There is NO culpability on ANY level of management in BLW. As you know, I found this out first hand when I was forced to pay back just over $2,000 when a mission support branch chief outside my chain of command suddenly decided half a year later that there was a “mistake” in how I had been paid. Every level of Bellingham management rolled it down hill and demanded I repay it. At any level, a leader could have stepped in and stated, sorry NFC, we messed up but don’t punish the agent. I think your effort spent in “hoping” the new Chief will pull a rabbit outta his hat is wasted time.

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