Another Agency Driving out Employees

I will not bore you with another story about CBP.  We all know we are LAST in morale and job satisfaction.  The Agency here is the U.S. Air Marshalls.  Their management has succeeded in driving out nearly ALL employees that are eligible for other LEO employment.  I can imagine their policies:  1.  Look like a cop.  2.  Dress like a cop.  3.  Carry a weapon too big to conceal.  4.  Board you flight before everyone, with an escort, with a sign that says “I’m your Air Marshall”.  I may be exaggerating about the sign.  I would bet dollars to donuts, the excuse given by their managers is all to common, “that’s the way we have always done it”. We often hear from lawmakers and Presidents that the Federal Government should be the employer of first choice.  This would mean implementing policies that make employees want to stay, grow in their profession, and strive to be the best. The sure way to do this is by listening to employee representatives and implementing policies they put forth .  We are not bound by institutional thinking nor afraid of change.  We do not practice risk averting management.  Maybe, we can help?  Just a thought. Read Story