Attn: Blaine Sector Agents Under Investigation or Pending Discipline

According to the ROB/VRP MOU, agents undergoing discipline proceedings, or are under investigation, will not be eligible for the ROB/VRP. If you are in Blaine Sector (there is one situation in Spokane), that is quite a few agents.

In the Blaine Sector, discipline cases or investigations will drag out for years! I know your wondering, can they do that? The answer is NO! But they do it anyway.

In our first meeting with Chief Harris on July 24th, we exposed this long standing practice taking place in his new sector. The Chief was in full agreement with the Union that this illegal practice should come to an end, and all such pending cases should be dismissed. It has been three months, we are still waiting Chief.

I bring this up because, if you are caught up in this situation and unable to participate in the ROB/VRP, you have a SOLID grievance against the Agency!

The Union has a long history of having cases thrown out for unreasonable delays by the Agency. We have won cases for as little as a 45 day delay in serving an agent a proposal. With these wins, arbitrators have awarded our agents lost wages and/or opportunities missed while their case was unjustly “pending”.

If this happens to you, notify a Union rep if you wish to grieve the matter.

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