AUO Theater in BLW

I would like to put the manufactured AUO controversy to bed once and for all.

You are not voluntarily taking a pay cut.  You are being given the ability to self manage your AUO and make every effort to work no more than 17.75 hours a pay period.  Due to the nature of AUO, this may be difficult to do.  If you are unable to do so, management at station levels have been ordered to make this happen.  If you are on pace to go over the 17.75 hours a pay period, you may find yourself working “Desk Officer” or assigned other duties that do not qualify for AUO.

There is nothing illegal about the Chief’s directive in managing us at the 17.75 hours a pay period.  The Chief is not happy about this.  The Union is furious with this and is doing everything politically possible to reverse this nonsense. We are awaiting a decision by Congress to allow CBP to move money around in order to fund salaries.  If and when CBP can move more money into OBP pay roll, we will demand that Border Security be fully funded, which should restore our AUO to 25%.

We are working diligently in Washington D.C. to get our pay reform passed.  If our efforts succeed, the AUO issue will be resolved.  However, if our pay reform is delayed or derailed (which is not likely), we will direct our full force against the anti Border Patrol leadership of CBP.



  1. Juan Reyes

    I agree. Dropping 5% is better than losinh 40%. But if we don’t watch ourselves with this, nest they’ll ask for another 5% and another. Someone somewhere will figure if they can work with 5% less, they can make due with even less…

  2. Brandon

    What’s the status on the actual reform? Did the Union acquiesce to Management’s attempt to subvert the reform to compensate anything over 100 hours with comp time in lieu of FLSA?

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