Blaine Sector Chief Removed From His Position

Local 2913 was notified that Blaine Sector Chief John Bates was removed from his position today.  The reason given was that HQ has been monitoring his leadership ability for some time and had lost confidence in him to lead the sector.

Chief Bates has always differed his decision making to D.C., at least with labor management issues.  We have been lead to believe that D.C. was the reason we could not move forward on policies that improve our working conditions such as; HIP, Detail Management System, Mountain Operation Teams, and assigning more agents to local task forces where they can arrest criminal illegal aliens.

If it turns out Chief Bates was the reason we never moved forward on these issues, we look forward to taking them up with the new Chief.  If Chief Bates was telling the truth, we don’t expect anything to change.  Which begs the question, why was he removed?


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