Blaine Sector Seniority Policy

There are questions about seniority and what counts towards Border Patrol time in Service. Here is the Blaine Sector Seniority Policy IMG , we will put a link to it on the forms page.


  1. Mike Cox

    Someone had a good point today. Back in the 90’s, if you failed the academy you were terminated and at some point re-hired to retread through the academy, If you were thought to be worth the effort. We lost 15-20 out of a 50 man class. Those agents that retread lost months of seniority time due to breaks in service.

    The newest generation of agents were part of the no trainee left behind. You could fail the academy and remain there until you passed without a break in service. There could be an agent with 500 arrests under his belt, and the retread would show up a year later and be senior to him.

    Another thing that should never have happened.

    • Brandon

      Let’s have the union grieve for a sector wide detail policy. Maybe we can find out what the interview criteria are for any of the currently announced details. It sounds like seniority is somewhat a moot point, regardless of its definition

      • casey miller

        Its not just about details. I am also talking about A/L, vehicle assignments, days off and in station details. Seniority is just an easy way to generalize experience. In the majority of cases the senior guy will have more experience.

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