BPRA Muster Schedule

Sorry for the late notice. Had some last minute changes. If you can not make one at your station, try and get to another. See you soon.

AUG 20, WED Day Shift Muster 7AM Port Angeles Station
AUG 20, WED Midnights Muster 10PM Sumas Station
Aug 21, THU Day Shift Muster 7AM Bellingham Station
AUG 21, THU All Hands Presentation 11AM Blaine Sector HQ
AUG 21, THU Swing Shift Muster 3PM Blaine Station
AUG 22, FRI Day Shift Muster 6AM Sumas Station
AUG 23, SAT Day Shift Muster 6AM Oroville Station
AUG 23, SAT Swing Shift Muster 3PM Curlew Station
AUG 23, SAT Midnights Muster 10PM Colville Station
AUG 24, SUN Swing Shift Muster 2PM Bonners Ferry Station
AUG 25, MON Day Shift Muster 7AM Eureka Station
AUG 25, MON Swing Shift Muster 3PM Whitefish Station
AUG 26, TUE Day Shift Muster 7AM Sweetgrass Station
AUG 26, TUE Swing Shift Muster 2PM Malta Station
AUG 27, WED Day Shift Muster 6AM Plentywood Station
AUG 28, THU Swing Shift Muster 2PM Havre Station
AUG 28, THU General Meeting (Union members only) 6PM Uncle Joe’s Restaurant

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