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Did you sign up?

Hey, everyone, We recently discovered that our system was flooded with a bunch of automated website signups that flooded our email notification and maxed out the entry box, keeping us Read More +

Union Meeting!

The next quarterly meeting will be held in Havre, Montana at 6:00pm at Uncle Joe’s Steakhouse! All members are welcome and encouraged to attend! We hope to see you there!

Action ALERT!!

Keep our Government Efficient. Stop the PAGE Act. Just hours after swearing in, members of Congress are trying to make life hard for government workers like us. Congress is going Read More +

What’s Next for Federal Employees?

This is taken from a FedSmith article, read the entire article by clicking on the link. Rising Influence of the Border Patrol Union The National Border Control Council was an Read More +

The Honeymoon is Over.

So today, in front of Congress, our Chief came forward, and rather than being our advocate (which he stated was his #1 priority in putting on the uniform), he has Read More +

CSID ID Protection Announcement

Many of you may have received an email about the government’s attempt to protect your ID and the service under which they signed us up. That service is expiring. AFGE Read More +

Make America Great Again!

Our man won the White House with all of us behind him from the GO! Mr. Trump sends his gratitude to all of us for supporting his campaign. I would Read More +