Chief Fisher’s Visit

Chief Fisher was in town and held a one hour Q&A with Blaine Sector personnel. Here are the highlights:

An agent asked him why the PAO is silent instead of being out front when significant incidents occur. It is frustrating when our enemies are controlling the conversation about our activities. The Chief said that this upsets him too.

He was asked why our huge stock pile of ammo is being rationed which is having a negative affect on our firearm proficiency. He stated that we are taking the funds for ammo and paying for other needs.

He was asked if there would be detail opportunities to the SB for our agents. He would like that but we do not have the funding for it.

An MSS asked him about job swaps. He said that this is a good idea and he would like to see this run up the chain. The Union president took great offense to his statement because we have tried to get this done for quite sometime and the Agency doesn’t want to address this. He said that this is the first he has heard of it. With allot of agents jumping ship, we hope this moves quickly.

He gave us a run down of the situation in RGV. He said, and we agree, that we could handle this situation if we had the funding.

That is about it. It was nice to have the Chief up here, probably wont happen again for years.

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