Delegate Meeting and Misc.

Local 2913 will hold a membership meeting at 6:00 PM on Wednesday March 18th at the Ferndale WECU. During this meeting, members will be asked to determine the number of additional delegates, if any, it wants to represent Local 2913.[1] Local 2913’s five (5) elected officers have already been designated as delegates[2] and the rest of the delegates were elected by secret ballot.

Members will also be asked to determine if the selected delegates will carry all of Local 2913’s votes, which if approved would preclude the need for alternate delegates.

The designated delegates will represent Local 2913 at the NBPC National Convention to be held in April, 2015 and at the AFGE National Convention to be held in August 2015.

[1] Sec. 6(b) and (c), AFGE Constitution; Sec. 18, Local 2544 Bylaws

[2] Sec. 18, Local 2544 Bylaws; Art. 6(A), Appendix A, AFGE Constitution; Art. 4, NBPC Constitution

Also, please pass on to other members to register on our website.  This way they can receive our Monthly News Letter by email.  Please tell them to use the email address they want the news letter sent to.

In this letter, we will keep you informed of current negotiations, National issues, as well as cases your local officers and stewards are working.

Blaine Sector agents, as per our general meeting, we will have a Local meeting before each Quarterly Meeting with the Chief. Be sure to bring issues you would like resolved to this meeting so that we can present them to the Chief.




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