Get in the Best Shape of Your Life! You are Paid to Do So…

This is for those agents out there who want to get in shape but are having a hard time starting, or finding a routine they can stick with.  I am one of those agents and I believe I found the PERFECT program for us.  It is called T25.  It is a total body workout, 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  You don’t need any equipment for the Alpha Series and just a resistance ban for the Beta Series.

No more excuses like I can’t find the time.  You can fit these 5 workouts per week into your three hours of HIP per week, no problem.  I watched the infomercial today.  They sell the DVD  program for $120.  If interested parties pitch in a few bucks, we can have a copy at each station for all to use.

Give me a call if you want a first person account of the program.



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