Gov Wants to Turn a Blind Eye to the other “Pollos”…Sign the Petitiion! 2/20/14

AFGE Action Network

Do you want chicken factories inspected by the poultry companies who own them—while feces-filled birds, doused with chemicals, zoom through the assembly line at three per second? That could be the future, if we don’t act now.

Daily Kos, a progressive political blog, has created a new petition to President Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack asking them to “dump the filthy chicken rule.”
AFGE strongly supports this new petition and urges you to sign now. Click here to sign. ick here to sign.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is considering a rule change that would privatize poultry inspection—allowing companies to inspect chicken and turkey carcasses themselves.
What happens if birds are contaminated with feces? The rule allows companies to douse them with more chemicals, while jacking up assembly line speeds to three birds per second.
USDA will be finalizing a decision soon, so we must act now. Please sign this petition to President Obama and Agriculture Tom Vilsack: Reject the “filthy chicken rule.”
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J. David Cox Sr.


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