Havre Sector Defies Arbitrator Ruling

The Local challenged a decision by Sweetgrass management that prohibited agents from parking their POVs in the station garage.  The arbitrator agreed with the Union’s position and ordered the Agency to immediately lift the prohibition.  Havre Sector management  refuses to do so.  We have filed charges with the FLRA and we will keep you posted on further action.

The Local is also pursuing charges against Havre Sector management for their refusal to provide an appropriate and safe training facility to conduct IF Training for Sweetgrass agents.  During bargaining over the Sweetgrass/Shelby merger, both parties agreed that the middle room at the Shelby Station would become the site for IFT.  The Agency was given more than enough time to get the funding necessary to convert this room.  The Agency refuses to do so.  We will keep you updated on further action.

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