It’s Official, Those of Us Who Patrol the Border are the Least Important in the Border Patrol

We received word that now Blaine Sector (already heard from Havre Sector) will no longer allow bargaining unit agents ( AKA the agents who patrol the border and stop criminals and their contraband from entering the United States, AKA those carrying out the MISSION, AKA the only reason the Border Patrol Exists) the opportunity to work on task forces. These Task Force positions are career enhancing positions where an agent gains invaluable experience and education that they take back to their normal patrol duties when their detail ends. These details, like all details, also provide a critical break in the monotony of patrol duties which help keep our agents from becoming complacent.

The Agency wants to transfer these duties to, you guessed it, INTEL! You know, the guys they pulled out of the Union and crammed in an office and told they will support the mission? So, it seems to me that the most important part of our mission is now supporting it! I think back to my trainee days when an agent (the kind we call slug) who wanted nothing to do with arresting people told me: “you know, there is more to this job than catching aliens”. I thought about that for a second and replied: “I don’t think there is.” BOY WAS I WRONG!

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