Local 2913 Election Results

January 31, 2015

RE:  2014 Election for NBPC Local 2913

Brothers and Sisters,

As an Election Committee Member of the NBPC Local 2913, I hereby notify you of the results of the election.

On January 7, 2015, Ballots were mailed out to all members in good standing.  All ballots needed to be returned to the committee and post marked no later than January 22, 2015.  On January 31, 2015 the Election committee tallied all votes and found the results as such;

Six (6) ballots were returned as “Not Deliverable”.

Eight (8) Ballots were not valid due to an absence of a return address.

Three (3) ballots were not valid due to a post marked date of later than January 22, 2015.

One Hundred and Forty One (141) valid ballots revealed;

Local 2913 President- Michael Cox (79)

Sec/Treas- Kevin Roberts (80)

Blaine VP- Federico Romero

Havre VP- Andrew Herdina

Spokane VP- Michael Egerton


SPW-Aguilar (8)

Pearson (3)

Phillips (6)

Thomas (16)

HVR- Desimone (7)

Garden (15)

BLW- Malpezzi (12)

Roberts (23)

Severence (23)

Uribe (16)

Thank you in advance for your patience in this process,


Douglas E, Garden

Election committee Representative NBPC Local 2913