Local 2913 Issues on the Hill!


As we stated at the meeting, we will get our two big issues to our lobbyist in D.C.  I am happy to report, they are there and currently being worked on.

First, Our dispatchers being down graded to LECA GS- 6s.  For those who do not know, our dispatchers in Blaine, WA have the same responsibilities as Charlie 100, who are GS -11s.  This is a complex case as we will be dealing with OPM.  However, we are confident justice will prevail.

Second, Our Port Angeles COLA is aligned with the rest of the U.S.  Port Angeles has a much higher cost of living than the rest of the U.S., the rest of Blaine Sector included, and it has already been determined they should be aligned with Seattle COLA, like the rest of Blaine Sector.  Luckily, our lobbyist is very familiar with the issues ad the players we need to get it done.  We anticipate this being taken care of as well.


We will keep you posted on both of these issues as they progress.




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