Local Meets with Congressman Kilmer

Local President Cox and Port Angeles Lead Steward Kuperus met with Congressman Derek Kilmer on Saturday to discuss issues affecting agents in PAW. Rep. Kilmer is a strong proponent of federal employees and, on numerous occasions, expressed his disgust with people disparaging us and blaming us for the problems with the federal budget. We discussed pay reform and his reluctance to support it. In his opinion, we are getting a raw deal. We explained the current situation with AUO and the alternatives we face with the elimination of it, and that pay reform is our best option. The Congressman understands the situation and will support our interests.

Rep. Kilmer also informed us that tribes on the peninsula are requesting our support in the fight against drug smugglers. Regardless of what the Agency is telling them, we will make sure that they know we stand ready to help if we are afforded the opportunity.

We thank the Congressman for his support and look forward to a good working relationship with him in the future.

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