Look at the Top of this Page…Code 4 Foundation has Arrived!

Code Four Foundation was created by PAs and exists to help bridge the financial gap when tragedy or illness befalls a member of law enforcement. Code Four Foundation is an IRS recognized 501 C 3 non profit organization.

Most of our families will be financially fine if we die. This is insurance for when we LIVE. Even with insurance, agency support, union contributions, it can take a while before much needed financial relief arrives. Families and officers alike are burdened with not only coping with the situation, but trying to carry on when finances become strained.

When the unthinkable occurs, we are here to help. We provide quick relief by helping with uncovered costs such as medical bills or living expenses.

Code Four creates a way for fellow officers and agents to help each other out while receiving the benefit of a tax free donation.

As a non-profit run by agents and officers alike, we are committed to keeping administrative costs to a bare minimum and ensuring that funds are distributed quickly to those in need.

Come check our website at www.codefourfoundation.org and see what we are doing. While you are there make a donation and make a difference!


  1. Scott Zimmer

    A big thanks to those of you in Blaine Sector for helping out to this cause. Stay tuned to the website for just how much we raised for this event. Also come check out our Facebook page–Code Four Foundation. We will soon have shirts and more clothing items for sale. We have a rally towel and T-shirt we are currently selling for this event.

    Thank you once again
    Scott Zimmer
    President of Code Four Foundation

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