National Border Patrol Council Opposes H.R. 399

January 23, 2015


After careful review the National Border Patrol Council, the union that represents over 16,500
Border Patrol agents, has concluded that H.R. 399 will do very little to secure the border and is
a missed opportunity for Congress to meaningfully address border security.  Because of this,
Border Patrol agents are advocating that members of Congress vote no on the legislation when
it is considered in the House next week.

Shawn Moran, NBPC National Spokesperson, stated: “We believe that overall H.R. 399 will not
be effective in helping to secure our borders.  This legislation speaks about metrics but frankly
does not provide either the strategy or the resources necessary to achieve them.  We need real
solutions on the border where the trends are moving in the wrong direction with increased
apprehensions, more aggressive action from smugglers and drug cartels, and continued threats
from terrorists.”

The National Border Patrol Council believes that in order to reverse the current trends
legislation must contain the following elements:

• Increased manpower to deal with the illegal immigration and drug smuggling.  The NBPC is
advocating for an additional 5,000 agents.  HR 399 only duplicates a staffing floor that is
already in place through the annual appropriations bill.

• Increased training to better prepare agents to react to changing threats on the border. This
would include restoring the academy to approximately 20 weeks that most law enforcement
agencies have, and not the 54 days used by the Border Patrol.

• Increased resources for agents to do the job they are trained to do. This would include
better gear, more M-4 rifles in the field, and improved communications equipment.

Moran concluded: “Although there are some positive elements to H.R. 399, we believe in it’s
entirety it will only serve as window dressing and was drafted without any input front line agents
who are protecting our border.  We are very interested in working with any member of Congress
to create legislation that focuses on a real strategy that keeps our nation and our agents safe.”

About the National Border Patrol Council
The National Border Patrol Council is a professional labor union representing more than 16,500
Border Patrol agents and support staff. The NBPC was founded in 1965 and is recognized as
one of the most effective labor organizations in the federal sector.

For more information please contact Shawn Moran, Vice President, at (855) 278-6466, Ext. 806.



  1. Mike Cox

    As a thoroughly disgusted taxpayer, I applaud your criticism of HR399. I appreciate your hard work and I support policies that protect our borders while giving you the the tools to do your jobs and get home safely. Thank you for the service you provide to this country in spite of an administration that clearly doesn’t get it.

    Best regards,

    David B.
    Portland, Oregon

  2. Brandon

    This is a members only website. Why are you publishing comments from portlandia? Intriguing as HR 399 is, I don’t think it includes reopening the roseburg station to better process all the willamette valley dapa/daca clients. That’s the training we really require.

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