Nominations for Local 2913 Officer Positions Due NLT 11/6/14


The election for Local 2913 Officers is just around the corner. The positions are as follows: President, Secretary-Treasure, Vice President (Blaine Sector), Vice President (Spokane Sector), Vice President (Havre Sector). You can also nominate delegates to attend national conventions and meetings.

There are three ways to nominate someone: 1) If you have a good mailing address with AFGE, you will receive a nomination ballot in your mail. Fill it out and mail it back. 2) Hand write a nomination and turn it in to your local VP, he will take it to the nomination meeting. 3) Attend the nomination meeting and nominate someone there. The meeting time and place:

November 6, 2014
Spokane Marriott Courtyard
401 North Riverpoint Blvd. Spokane, WA 99202

Members who accept the nomination will appear on the ballot. The ballots will be mailed out in November, sometime after the nomination meeting. The only way to receive a ballot and vote in the election is to have a good mailing address with AFGE. To check this, go to and look at your profile.


  1. Kevin Roberts

    If you are unable to log into AFGE, let me know. I can either update your profile or get you the info you’ll need so you can reset your password.

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