Pay Reform PASSED in the Senate!!

Local 2913 would like to thank Senators Tester and McCain for reaching across the isle and sponsoring the Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act. The BPAPRA was combined with the Cybersecurity Authorization today and made it past the Senate and has now been sent to the House for consideration.

We are grateful for all of those elected representatives that put in a lot of work getting this through the Senate. Along with Tester and McCain, we would also like to thank Senators Cornyn, Heitkamp, Ayotte and Flake for co-sponsoring this important legislation.

We can not stress enough the importance of this bill. At a time when our enemies are openly talking about crossing our border, the last thing we need is 21,000 agents coming to work and dwelling on their financial security. Lets get this done so we can put all of our attention on the JOB!

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