Port Angeles, WA Visit 1/17/14

Thank you to the PAW agents who visited with me and shared your concerns.  As I stated, the Agency would change their mind on the clean shift idea when confronted with the reality of further demoralizing a pretty beat up work force.  First, I would like to thank Lead Steward Dan Janikic for the job he did on appealing the NFC wage garnishment.  This was a management error that Dan exposed to the NFC and the investigation is under way.  When the smoke clears, we do not anticipate agents having their wages garnished at all.

The conundrum known as the PAW Station “Mission” continues to befuddle our agents.  As with our brothers and sisters at the Bellingham Station, we are told that our primary responsibility is to arrest anyone making land fall along our coastal AOR.  Let me make this clear: we have a much better chance of catching the bad guys at choke points leaving the area, transportation hubs, under cover surveillance at local marinas, and infiltrating the local and cross border criminal organizations.  I understand there are illegal alien sympathizers who call Border Patrol management and protest our presence whenever we are in certain areas.  While our managers are made to respect and listen to these groups’ opinions, we are not!  Any illegal alien subverting U.S. Law, regardless of who thinks it is O.K., will find themselves in hand cuffs sooner or later.  We took an oath to arrest you and we take that oath serious!

We had a good meeting with station management and hopefully ironed out any personnel issues.  We plan on holding a meeting out there this Spring, hope to see you all there!

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