Prepare for Another Attack on AUO 11/5/13

The Local will be contacting all of our representatives in anticipation of CBPs attack on AUO.  They will not stop until we get pay reform!


November 4, 2013




Customs and Border Protection Planning 30%Cut to Border Patrol Agent Pay


Blaine, WA – As budget woes continue with another round of Sequestration cuts on the horizon, CBP leadership will once again propose another major cut to Border Patrol Agent compensation.

The overtime pay system known as Administrative Uncontrollable Overtime (AUO) has come under wide scrutiny.  Those who wish to end it will not tell you that AUO has been used successfully by the Border Patrol as a force multiplier since its inception.

When Border Patrol agents were recruited and hired, they were told that they will be required to work a large amount of irregular and unscheduled overtime.  Agents understood that long hours are part of the job and that they would thus be compensated, although at a rate less than the customary time and a half overtime.  In as much as this overtime costs less than traditional time and a half, it has been a tremendous boon for both the government and tax payer.  It replaces 5,000 agents for a sliver of the cost to hire, train, equip, and pay salary for 5,000 additional agents for the rest of the their lifetime.

Border Patrol Agents have always worked a 10 hour shift five days a week.  These shifts are to provide the seamless coverage needed to attain border security of the entire United States land borders.  It should be noted that when agents apprehend illegal aliens, they usually end up working far more than a 10 hours a shift.

Just as Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP) is paid to other Federal law enforcement officers as part of their salary, AUO is a big part of a Border Patrol agent’s salary.  Like LEAP, AUO is something all agents have come to rely upon as part of their compensation package.  Again, this was a defined pay benefit, not an entitlement.  No other Federal law enforcement agency has lived the last two years with the threat of losing 30% of their compensation.

The Border Patrol, the National Border Patrol Council (rank-and-file border patrol agents), and leaders in Congress are in agreement on a pay reform system that will cut over $100,000,000 per year from the Federal budget all the while insuring border security.  This new pay system will allow the American people to realize the best of both worlds.  The border will be secure and the deficit will be reduced.

On behalf of Border Patrol agents and their families from Washington to Montana, I ask that Congress support this pay reform and make it law.  As America’s first line of defense, Border Patrol agents deserve to concentrate solely on our mission.  For the last two years, our thoughts have been overwhelming focused on what to do if we lost 30% of our pay.


NBPC Local 2913 is a professional labor union representing Border Patrol agents and support staff in the states of Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

For more information please contact Michael Cox, President at 360-410-6994.



  1. Trevor Wilkins

    While we’re talking AUO… Why are we being cut to 20% when stonegarden, million dollar homes in Ajo, new cameras for eveyone!, takehome rides for management, and some southern border sectors are still at 25%? Rumor only? If we are taking it in the shorts voluntarily would it help to push the issue and MAKE them start ordering us out of the field (if that’s what Chavez plans) .

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