Recall on M-4’s…Why?

The article on was the first most of us heard about alleged problems with our rifles.  I spoke with one of our Blaine Instructors/Armorers and he had no idea what could be wrong with our rifles.  He further stated that if there were something wrong, it could be fixed in house.  So why the recall?  We shall see…

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  1. Kevin Roberts

    Here’s what I know so far, there are armorers traveling the country inspecting rifles for damage, wear, etc. If they find one with issues, it is dead lined. It is then sent back to the armory for retrofit and repair. The breakdown is in the repair/return time because there isn’t enough armorers in house to get the process done, so there are rifles coming out of the field and none getting returned. It should be done in batches with fixed rifles being swapped one for one, but unfortunately that isn’t what is happening. Blaine will be inspected sometime in January if what I was told is correct.

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