Scabies, Tuberculosis, Etc….Just Part of the Job?

Our thanks to Dan Cadman for pointing out that the health of our agents should also be part of the conversation when dealing with diseased illegal aliens. We all knew that dodging tuberculosis and other commutable diseases of those we arrested was part of the job. The TB tests were always nervous time for us, especially the positive ones and the medication to ensue. And some say we are paid too much! Read More


  1. Marty Aguilar

    Along these very lines, if you are concerned about the state of the air quality of your station (i.e. – continuous bad odors, smell of natural gas/ sewer gas, insufficient HVAC in cells, etc.) you need to make your concerns known.

    Write a memo to your supervisor and save a copy. Give that copy to your station steward and wait no more than two weeks to get an answer. If no answer is given, get in contact with your sector VP and have them contact me IMMEDIATELY!

    We will demand they get an air quality specialist out there to test the air or we will be contacting OSHA.

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