Shelby I.F. Training Center Update

A quick update on the intermediate force training center in Shelby, MT.  The Agency changed directions on the proposed room at the Shelby Station.  We were obviously not happy with this decision and took legal action.  We believe we have a better solution that will provide our agents with a top notch training facility and eliminate any concerns the Agency may have.  We are meeting tomorrow and proposing the new facility.  We will keep you posted!

What we do know is that there is absolutely no excuse for how and where the Agency is conducting I.F. training on the West side of Havre Sector.  For example, Blaine Sector has devoted a tremendous amount of time and resources to building a facility and program that should be the standard for the Patrol.  Blaine agent’s lives are no more important than the lives of those agents in West Montana.  We implore Havre Sector to make this program and facility the highest priority and work with the Union to get it done immediately!