SOP for Deleting/Editing Posts on Website

Recently, posts and comments have been deleted from this website. Because we all pay for OUR website, I feel that NO ONE should be able to sensor us on OUR website. Understanding that the website is a “work in progress”, I would like to know what other changes (if any) the Local2913 members would like to see.

Chad Peterson


    • Mike Cox

      I am NOT concerned with what guys write in the comments. The issue I had was it was on the public page and red by management. So I think we need to stick with comments only on sector pages.

    • Jeff Polaczyk

      IF a comment is deleted or an article deleted (which should NEVER happen (again) to a dues paying member), there needs to be an explanation of why posted on the website by whomever made the decision to do so. This is OUR website and no one person or small group gets to rule the site without accountability and transparency to the members. In addition, NO member should be deleted or threatened with deletion from the website again.

      • Jeff Polaczyk

        Additionally, there is no reason for moderation of comments on the secured sector pages. Who makes the decision as to what is posted or not. That is not transparent. That is not how a members site should be run. Anything any member wants to post on the sector pages should be allowed.

        • Mike Cox

          Agree. We voted at the meeting no comments on the public page, no filter on the sector pages.

          Vote to lobby for the COLA passed unanimously. I will reach out to Andy Quinn (lobbyist) and discuss a game plan.

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