The BS Is Getting Thick!

Now the awful Border Patrol agents are abusing the poor immigrants escaping the unimaginable violence they fled from in their home countries. This according to the illegal alien support groups who make a living slandering us and hailing the millions of cowards who leave their countries as heroes. Thanks goes to Commissioner Keliwkowske for telling the truth, “Mr. Kerlikowske, while pledging to respond, also offered a defense of “absolutely heroic efforts” by Border Patrol agents handling the detention of the youths. “Agents are doing everything from mixing formula to bringing in their own children’s clothing, and taking care of these kids in a multitude of ways,” Mr. Kerlikowske said. “They are absolutely committed in making sure that these children are treated, not only in the most respectful and humane way, but frankly, in the most loving way.“

To the uninformed citizens who believe these people are fleeing from something, they are not. These women and children are coming here to reunite with those who ran from their corrupt governments instead of standing up and fighting for their country. While the thugs steal all of their country’s wealth (the richest man in the world is a Mexican), the cowards who ran from them and fled to the U.S. are protesting our government for handouts. Compare these cowards to our ancestors who went to war with their government OVER TAXES!

To suggest that these people are being mistreated by Border Patrol agents is absurd. These people arrive expecting the care and compassion that their relatives received before them. We predict these investigations will turn up something like, an alien not being provided a blanket because we ran out, or something to that affect. But we must appease these illegal alien support groups because, well, I don’t know. Our government ignores the voices of groups that oppose people invading our county, violating our immigration laws, and spending tax dollars aiding and abetting illegal immigration. Why cant our government, at the very least, ignore these groups too? Read More


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