The Honeymoon is Over.

So today, in front of Congress, our Chief came forward, and rather than being our advocate (which he stated was his #1 priority in putting on the uniform), he has instead toed the company line and mouthed the same words that our CBP overlords have been saying. Namely, that what the border needs is not defense-in-depth, but immigration reform. The Union sees this as a monstrous betrayal and hopes our new President will see him as the lackey he is. For more information, see the Breitbart Texas Op-Ed piece linked below.

Breitbart Texas


  1. Mike Cox

    Looking back on the town hall meeting with the Chief, he seemed overly concerned with what he referred to as the humanitarian crises on our borders. He was referring to all of the people leaving their third world country in Mexico, Central America, and South America and illegally entering the United States.

    Chief, that’s what illegal immigration is and what we are in the businesses to stop. Not everyone has tattoos on their face and just got done murdering someone.

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