Training Opportunities in Havre Sector (If you are an Intel Agent)

We have learned that DDER, training designed for front line agents who may encounter radio active contraband, is being given to Intel agents at Havre Sector. For those of you patrolling the border 24/7 who do not know that you are a second class agent, this comes directly from your Chief. To paraphrase him: Intel agents are my best and brightest…If you want opportunities in this sector you will have to put in for Intel, etc. The reason for this? Intel agents will do what they are told when they or told and like it! They are non-union and can’t say things like: this policy of turning a blind eye to the illegal aliens in our country and abandoning the immediate interior and vital choke points is REDICULOUS! So, if you are brainwashed into thinking doing nothing is doing something, you will need those willing to agree with you to carry out your orders.

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