We Need More Cops Speaking Out Like this!

Lt. Jim Glennon speaks the truth about illegal aliens and the devastation they leave behind in OUR country. Illegals kill countless people in our country every year, yet our elected AMERICAN representatives advocate for them. We recently lost one of our own, BPA Javier Vega, at the hands of these criminals. The hurt is even worse knowing that BPA Vega took an oath to expel these criminals from our country but was kept from doing so by politicians.

I will take it even further: If one American looses their job to an illegal alien, we should change the law…wait…we don’t have to…WE SHOULD ENFORCE THE LAW!

On behalf of the Border Patrol agents of Local 2913, we offer our sincerest condolences to the families and friends of those killed by illegal aliens. Their deaths were caused by the will of our politicians.

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