Why You Need to be Signed Up for the Lawsuit

* You have to be a member to be a part of this lawsuit. If you know a non-member who is inquiring about it, let them know this is yet another reason to be in the Union.

* As soon as pay reform is implemented, we will no longer be FLSA employees. You have to be an FLSA employee to be eligible.

* The government may call you as a witness. If you are not represented by our attorneys, the gov may depose you to see if you would be a good witness for them. It would be to all of our benefit if they can not drag one of us to the witness stand and interrogate them.

* They can NOT retaliate against you for being a plaintiff. The Anti-Retaliation Act prohibits the gov from treating you differently because of the lawsuit. The NYPD did this with some of their officers after they sued. They were each awarded $150,000 because of retaliation.

Last but not least, you are entitled to this pay. We all put in long hours due to this job, at work and at home. They started this fight with an attack on our AUO. Do not miss out on a substantial paycheck that you deserve.

Call me with any questions.

Mike Cox 360-410-6994

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