Will You be Promoted?

Here is a good article on promotions in the federal sector.  The author is spot on, for the most part, with the window of opportunity theory.  The Union has recently challanged a non-selection.  The agent promoted had only a couple of years experience in the patrol.  This agent was selected over quite a few agents with incredible resumes.  I will post the outcome of this grievance.

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  1. Brandon

    Since members can’t initiate any topics on here. can you query some of the membership and find out who has any recommended tax accountants that are LEO savvy. I’m not talking San-Diego-Style subpoena savvy either.

  2. Brandon

    While you’re at it, will the union start posting other current grievance updates and what’s going on. and additionally post the quarterly minutes from union meetings on this website. If indeed it’s intent is to inform membership….

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