1,000 Agents Leave, No Money to Patrol Border,We Now Have $500,000 for Art Work?

Commissioner Kerlikowske,

Border Patrol Agents are quitting in droves because of pay cuts and the threat of further pay cuts. You say you are addressing the morale problems in the Border Patrol. We do not need more surveys.

The #1 morale problem to address is, STOP SCREWING WITH OUR PAY! Stop using the charade that we can no longer use AUO to compensate BP agents because it is unlawful. It was supposedly unlawful 30 years ago when we started using it to give our government cheap labor. Up until now, everyone turned a blind eye to it because it was CHEAP LABOR for our government.

Now that our budget dictates our border security, and there are individuals who could care less about border security in charge of our budget, AUO must go. I hope you can imagine what a kick in the stomach this is to us.

When stories like this pop up, it’s another size 13 Danner boot right in the stomach.

The vast majority of Americans want our budget spent on border security. Please carry out their will.

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