Agency to Uproot Shelby Agents and Send Them to Sweetgrass 1/23/14

Chief Richards has notified the Union that they intend to move all Shelby Station bargaining unit Border Patrol agents to the Sweetgrass Station.  It was probably an easy sell to the powers in D.C. because they were only provided information to support this decision, especially the fact that we are turning a blind eye to the interior United States.  Lets examine the facts that prove this to be the wrong decision:

*There are approximately 18 families that live in Conrad or Shelby and its surrounding communities.  These agents are part of these communities, some leaders, coaches, school board members, etc..,  and to force them to move for no good reason is detrimental to their families and an unnecessary loss to the community.

*Agents who where forced to commute when hired at Shelby due to lack of housing in Shelby, will now be forced to travel an additional 15,600 miles a year.  This will cost each agent approximately $7,800 and an additional hour away from their family.

*Shelby Station is not closing!  In fact, the Agency will continue to pay approximately $384,000.00 a year in rent for the next 11 years!  That sure is a lot for an empty building, minus a person or two to keep the lights on.  If the lease on the building was expiring, this would be a different scenario, but it is not.

*Shelby Station sits on the crossroads of US Highway 2 and Interstate 15.  This is a catch basin for traffic that gets across remote areas of the border and heading into the interior U.S.  Shelby Station agents also have provided security for the locals and back-up for other law enforcement when needed.

*Shelby Station apprehends port runners from the Sweetgrass POE.  This has been an effective second line of defense for the port and eliminates the need for high speed pursuits.

*Shelby Station is less than 90 miles away from Great Falls, MT.  Shelby agents can easily respond to OA Calls as well as check jails for criminal illegal aliens.  We learned that CBP has already pulled their air operations from Great Falls so we may be following suit. Sanctuary City?  Don’t think Montanans would like to hear that.

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