Agents Saying Goodbye to Green, Hello to Blue! 1/30/14

What was unimaginable a couple of years ago is now a stark reality.  Border Patrol agents are desperately looking to leave the Patrol for Customs jobs or police departments back home.  I just returned from a station where over 20% of the patrol agents have applied for another department and one agent just quit to work in a prison.  Numerous agents have called me and asked how they go about transferring to Customs.  I contacted the hiring center and here is the answer:

Call the port you want to transfer to, identify yourself as a BPA,  and ask if there are currently openings.  If there are, they will instruct you on getting your paperwork in order.  If you need further information, here is your contact:

Minneapolis Hiring Center, Mission Critical Staffing Services

Servicing: Office of Field Operations

Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Office: 952-857-2932

Border Patrol management (who are about to loose 20% of their salary) have been quite understanding and helpful to our agents through this process, for that, we thank you.

The castration of the once PROUDEST agency in Federal law enforcement is disgraceful and very hard to endure.  We are doing everything we can to stop the bleeding, but only the Congress of the United States has this ability.




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