LECA Update 3/5/14

A while back, Border Patrol Law Enforcement Communication Agents (LECAS), AKA BP “Dispatchers”, were unjustly reclassified to a GS- 6 grade.  Our LECAs are responsible for answering 911 calls and coordinating their response,  Border Patrol communications,  running the ICAD system, running records checks through multiple data bases, operating our camera and video system (where their work initiated approx. 80% of non-sensor apprehensions in BLW), and additional duties that
I am sure I left out.

To put this injustice into perspective, their counterparts for CBP “Charlie 100” are GS-11s and higher.  Furthermore, all other CBP administrative personnel are GS-9, 11, and 12s, and rightly so. However, no other support personnel will ever be responsible for arresting a bad guy or saving someone’s life as our LECAs do.

To bring this travesty to light, the Union will challenge this grade through the grievance procedure where we will prove that our LECAs are performing work at a higher grade level than GS-6.  Furthermore, the new CBP Commissioner is a former Police Officer who understands the role our LECAs play in operations.  Once he learns of this injustice, I hope that he will take swift action to remedy it.

In the meantime, I want our LECAs to know that their work is vital and greatly appreciated by their brothers and sisters in the field.  I ask for your patience and to know that justice will prevail!

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