Local Officers Meet with New BLW Chief Dan Harris

President Cox and VP Uribe met with Chief Harris prior to Memorial Day weekend. Without question, Chief Harris is (for lack of better words) a breath of fresh air that the Blaine Sector needed. The Chief is highly motivated and would like to see the same motivation throughout the work force. The Chief said something that resonated with us, and that is, nobody should not want to come to work. This attitude reminds me of our more tenured managers who would say “if your not having fun doing this job, your doing something wrong”.

The only proven method for a highly motivated workforce and high morale is good management. It starts with implementing ideas from agents that have no impact on operations, but a positive impact on morale. We shared some of these ideas with Chief Harris. Something as simple as relaxed grooming standards for plain clothes agents would be a great start. This has been shunned by a couple of managers who don’t believe in relaxed grooming standards. When the desire of the agents is trumped by personal opinions of a couple of managers, this is called “BAD MANAGEMENT”. When the implementation of a detail management policy, one that provides transparency and insures fair and equitable career development for agents, is not implemented because a couple of managers do not want it, again, this is BAD MANAGEMENT. The Union can only point this out, it is up to the Chief to change it.

We wish Chief Harris the best of luck in creating a sector where personnel look forward to coming to work. It can and should exist.


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