Questions for Chief Fisher?

Chief Fisher will be in Blaine Sector next week and hold an all hands muster. Please reply with some questions you would like answered if you have any. The one we have already is why have they cut out our proficiency ammo? Rumor has it an agent was selling it at a gun show and this lead to 21,000 other agents losing their ability to remain proficient with their firearm. Can’t wait to hear the answer…


  1. P

    Can he explain why Border Patrol Agents are the only personnel in CBP who has taken a forced pay cut (5%)? Seems like CBP Officers should have shared the burden too . . . .

  2. Juan Reyes

    What steps (if any) will the Patrol be taking in the very near future to make this job as attractive as it was when we got hired? What could Agents expect to see happening so that morale doesn’t get any worse? Are there any talks (I know there isn’t) of making our night differential, Sunday and holiday pay compatible to that of OFO in order to make our agency sexy again?

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