Staying on AUO

The Union has been notified by OBP HQ’s that the Overtime Transition Plan will not be implemented and AUO will remain the compensation method for agents who are currently earning AUO. The AWS will not be implemented for those employees earning AUO; however, FLSA-exempt agents, and those agents not earning AUO and who are currently earning FEPA due to sector assignments, will be scheduled overtime in accordance to the election selected (level 1, level 2 and basic).

OBP is also encouraging sectors to transition to the 6a, 2p, 10p schedules, unless operational flexibilities prevent such a change.
More information will be put out as it becomes available.


      • Mike Cox

        Are they LETTING FEPA agents work 22 hours a PP or 17.5? If it is more than 17.5 (which is equivalent to 20% AUO) then request to work OT. Let me know if they deny it and I will have someone grieve.

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