The Rat

We have an agent at the Sweetgrass station, who is a notorious boot licker and would take any opportunity to stab someone in the back to make himself look like one of the worthless supervisors he looks up to, unfortunately working in a firearms instructor position. While most instructors help agents get rid of flaws to become better marksmen, this scumbag ran to a supervisor and told on an agent who made a mistake at the range. The scumbag’s heroes, three of the supervisors he worships, pulled this agent into an office, shut the door, and “counseled” (we will find out what was said) him.

For those who don’t know, a counseling session is supposed to be an informal talk with your immediate supervisor where he/she informs you of steps to take to remedy any deficiencies you may have. These worthless supervisors turned this once productive method into a jury indictment, with no defense for the agent, resulting in documentation put in the agents file to be used against him/her later.

We will work with Sector to get this clown removed as an instructor and restore the counseling process to its intended purpose.


  1. Brandon

    With the terminology being thrown about on this post, please state what mistake the agent made. Was this agent making the mistake a union steward? This reeks to me of someone’s laundry being aired. I think future messages would be more effective if they were presented more objectively. Although it’s easy to sit on the ocean and throw stones.

    • Mike Cox

      On the fire line, checking his/her six which is new to those agents, muzzle went with body, instructor right behind him corrected it immediately.

      Boot licker seized this as his time to shine.

      • Brandon

        I still think the incident could have been articulated mo’ better…..with that being said, and the additional information provided, WHO is this douchebag instructor. I did one of those 3 year prison sentences at artesia as a Firearms Instructor and several years on and off as a detailer. I can’t count how many times I’ve had a loaded weapon pointed at me. However, I can count how many times I felt the need to report it to a supervisor: ZERO. I felt that the ass chewing and embarrassment from the shooter was far more effective as a learning tool than the resentment borne from getting called on the carpet for it.
        I’ve also been hit by shrapnel and did have to report that. Fortunately, I haven’t been in a situation with this “current” use of force policy. I would think it has every FI twitching and walking on eggshells. not envious. But in this case, there seems to be more going on with this agent than an isolated incident.

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