The Union isn’t Doing Enough?

We are hearing rumblings that agents are disparaging their Union, saying that we aren’t doing enough. I am addressing this in case some agents might just believe this.

On Pay Reform

Of the countless bills that are presented to Congress every year, only 2% of these bills ever make it to the President’s desk. The bills that do make it spend, on average, at least a year going through the process. Our bill is moving at a very fast pace and we have worked tirelessly to garner the support of very influential law makers. The process is a long and complicated one with expected setbacks. Never the less, we believe the Congress will see the tremendous value the people are getting for their money and pass this bill.

On the CBA and Other Issues

The Agency has little desire for change, to be more specific, change that would improve our working conditions. That said, negotiations on the new CBA are not moving at the pace we would like. We have previously addressed the swap program and will do what we can to fast track this. Issues of disparate treatment, favoritism, or bad management practices should be addressed at the local level and handled there. When these issues arise, bring them to a steward. We can not fix something if we do not know about it, which is often the case.


  1. Brandon

    I’m sure our local union has been busy with pay reform, but what exactly does THAT entail for our local reps. Are they involved in daily teleconferences with Nationals? etc?
    I know personally I have a level 2 grievance that will have been languishing for a year come next month. I’m pretty sure our operational tempo isn’t behind this length of time. I’d sure love to know what is though.

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