Think EBOLA When Dealing with Aliens!

Ebola is here, folks. Whether we like it or not. It is real, it is in our country and it will kill you.

As agents, we need to take precautions beyond what our illustrious CBP management has advised. I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I have an alien in my vehicle, or processing center, and they even have a hint of a cough or showing symptoms of illness, they are wearing an N95 mask and they are in the biohazard cell.

The CDC says they are “quite confident” there won’t be an outbreak in the US of Ebola. These same people refuse to restrict inbound traffic from West African countries because of political correctness! They then tell us the disease is only communicable through contact with body fluids. Sorry, but the minute they cough, those fluids are airborne!

Take precautions, folks. Mask the alien. Wear gloves when handling their property (luggage, phones, money, clothing, etc.) and wash your hands and use sanitizer!

Don’t risk the health and lives of you and your families by not being diligent. Who knows how bad this will get!?

Stay safe!


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